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- Please email the Housing Coordinator at mgespiritu@cpp.edu for application information

Please read all of the information available on our website. If after reading this information, you are ready to begin the application process, you may click the "Register" tab first to register your information. After you have registered you will need to then click on the "Application” tab above to begin your application. 

Applications for new Applicants are open

University Village License Fees and Contract Term Dates

The monthly license fees per student for the academic year Contract Term for August 18, 2021 through May 21, 2022 are noted below. 



 Academic Year - 8/18/21 - 5/21/2022


Phase I - Single Occupancy

$997 - Per month per student


     Phase II/ III - Single Occupancy

$997 - Per month per student






                       Summer - 2021 


       Phase I - Double Occupancy

          $807 -  Per student per month


Phase II/III - Single Occupancy

$997 - Per student per month



COED/Gender Neutral Housing

In designated Phase I, II & III Buildings students are able to sign up for coed/gender neutral spaces. 

New Applicant Requirements

You must have a valid Student ID number and email address to register. If you do not have a student ID number, please contact the Housing and Conference Coordinator Micah Espiritu at village@cpp.edu. 

You will need to make a $50.00 non-refundable application fee for the Academic Year Term.

Note: Keep in mind you will need to make a $175.00 non-refundable facility fee for the Academic Year, when you are assigned a room time slot to choose a space.

Full-time Cal Poly students that are over 21 years of age or have completed 24 Semester units.

Full-time Non Cal Poly students who are 18 years of age or older are eligible for housing at the University Village.

Proof of eligibility must be emailed to village@cpp.edu within 48 hours of completing an application online.